Updated versions of truly classic designs, each pair of Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses in the current collection is steeped in history.

In London, 1926, P. Oliver Goldsmith founded an eponymous, family-run eyewear company dedicated to high-end, hand-crafted, marketing-by-superb-design spectacles.

Without compromising this quintessentially British artisanal heritage, visionary family marketing and aesthetics soon saw the company pioneering the twentieth-century paradigm shift that transformed glasses from functional necessities into fashion-and-lifestyle essentials.

A procession of iconic British devotees – Audrey Hepburn immortalising the Manhattan in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, John Lennon rocking his ‘Olivers’, Michael Caine killing the Consul and Lady Gaga owning the Y-Not – was soon supplemented by an international array of celebrities, designers and expert craftspeople alike.

And, judging by the renaissance of ‘vintage’ and a prestigious Frame of the Year 2015 award for the Norum frame courtesy of Optrafair, Oliver Goldsmith’s iconic legacy looks set to evolve apace.