Tom Ford Sunglasses

From James Bond to the Kardashians, Tom Ford sunglasses are becoming a must have accessory for celebs around the globe.

Founded in 2005, Tom Ford is the eponymous brainchild of the king of modern fashion. Inheriting all the suave progressiveness of its creator, Tom Ford is, more than anything, fiercely modern. But the company is also rooted in Ford’s polymathic understanding of the world’s creative landscape and heritage – a fact evidenced in his famous financial and stylistic transformation of fashion megapower Gucci.

This expertise underpins the unapologetic confidence of the Tom Ford brand, and despite the company’s ultra-exclusive dimension, Ford hopes for all consumers to adopt this confidence and interpret the label personally in expressing “the best version of themselves.”

And what better exemplars of this contemporary imploration – beating off competition from the likes of Kanye West, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - than generation-conquering independent lady Beyoncé, who rocks the Carrie, Jennifer Lopez recently sporting the Celina TF361, and latest Bond incarnation and hunk-extraordinaire Daniel Craig, who wore the TF108 whilst filming The Quantum of Solace and the Marko TF144 during Skyfall?