Varifocal Lens Guide

The 2 key attributes of a varifocal lens are as follows:

1) Easy Adaptation

Varifocal lenses can cause a "swim effect", where peripheral vision can be slightly altered by the changes that occur at the edge of progressive lenses.

A varifocal must minimise swim effect, allowing the wearer to tolerate the lens, and enabling new wearers to adapt in the shortest time possible.

2) Wide Field of Vision

A challenge of varifocal manufacturers is to make a lens with the widest field of vision possible.

Cheaper varifocals do not possess either of the above attributes, and after seeing so many customers struggle to adapt to cheaper varifocals, we only offer a mid-range varifocal (which we call 'Standard'), and a very top of the range varifocal (Premium).

For our varifocal lenses, we use the world-leader, Essilor.

Product comparison

LensEase of AdaptationField of VisionCost

Standard Varifocal Lenses

Varilux E-Series Logo

£200 per pair

More information about the Varilux E-Series here.

Premium Varifocal Lenses

Varilux S-Series Logo

£350 per pair

Whilst having slightly easier ease of adaptation to the E-Series, the main advantage of the S-Series is the wider field of vision.

The S-Series also comes as standard with a premium Crizal Forte UV coating.

More information about the Varilux S-Series here.

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